Our Process

We use our own grading scale, that gives the most accurate grade for cards. We have taken into account the industry standards and simplified them making it easy for our customers to follow why their card receives the grade it does.

How We Grade Cards

We take each of the 4 important factors when grading a card.

Each of these categories receives a score of 0-10. We average the 4 scores together to give the card a final grade. Our final grades are:

  • Corner
  • Edges
  • Surface
  • Centering

Our final grades are:

10 Pristine10
10 Gem Mint9.99 to 9.62
9.5 Gem Mint9.61 to 9.37
9 Mint9.69 to 9.00
8.5 Near Mint8.99 to 8.75
8 Near Mint8.74 to 8.00
7 Excellent7.99 to 7.00
6 Very Good6.99 to 6.25
5 Good6.24 to 5.76
4 Poor5.75 to 5.00
3 Poor4.99 to 3.50
2 Poor3.49 to 2.99
1 Poor2.99 and Below

Each category is graded using the following rating scale:


Rated 0 to 2.5 per corner* for a total of 10 points

0Corner is nonexistent
.5Corner is completely rounded
1.0Corner has significant wear
1.5Corner has whiting visible
2.0Corner shows very minimal whiting on the corner
2.5Corner is in mint condition, sharp 90 degree corner

*(Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right)


Rated 0 to 2.5 per edge* for a total of 10 points

0Edge is ripped or missing in parts
.5Edge has heavy chipping or notches
1.0Edge has visible specks or chipping
1.5Edge has whiting visible
2.0Edge has minimal wear with very little whiting visible
2.5Edge is in mint condition

*(Top, Bottom, Left, Right)


Surface rated from 0 to 10 points

0Significant damage to the surface of front and back of card
1Significant damage to the surface on the front of card, back is in fair shape
2Significant damage to the surface on the back of card, front is in fair shape
3Surface has staining or other large issues on the card but the picture is visible
4Surface has multiple large scratches, dimples or markings
5Surface has multiple medium sized scratches, dimples or markings
6Surface has multiple scratches, dimples or markings
7Surface has at least 1 medium sized scratch, dimple or marking
8Surface has minimal light scratching, dimples or markings
9Surface features no permanent damage, has fingerprints or debris on the card
10Surface is in mint condition


Centering rated from 0 to 10 points

0Card is altered or cut from outside a manufacturer
1Card is miscut and not completely pictured
2Centering is at least 90/10 on the front and back
3Centering is at least 85/15 on the front and back
4Centering is at least 85/15 on the front and 70/30 on the back
5Centering is at least 70/30 on the front and back
6Centering is at least 70/30 on the front and 65/35 on the back
7Centering is at least 65/35 on the front and back
8Centering is at least 60/40 on the front and back
9Centering is 55/45 on the front and 60/40 back
10Centering is 50/50 on the front and a minimum of 60/40 on the back

How to Submit

Create an account. Make an order listing each card you plan to send. Ship the cards. We’ll take care of the rest.

In order to speed up the process of grading your cards, we do ask that you watch this video to know how to pack, organize and ship your order:

When we receive your cards in the mail, we will ship them back within 15 business days to you! Our custom ordering process will let you track the progress of the order, view each card being graded via video and track it being shipped back to you.

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